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Round Lodge Sporting.

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What to expect from your simulated game day.

Your day at Round Lodge starts with a fresh cup of coffee or tea and a hot bacon / sausage bap and a warm welcome from your hosts Carl and Sandra.

We then run through a short briefing and safety talk. We also hand out your complementry goody bag containing all the safety gear you will require for the day.

Load up and off to the first of the mornings two drives. You will be split into two teams and when one team shoots the other loads, then its change over to give the other team a go. After two drives we will stop for refreshments and a snack, allowing the two 4x4 lorries to take up their positions for the next flurry of high clays.

A further three exciting drives with plenty of chance to practice those high pheasant , driven grouse or skimming partridges or maybe try and sneak a couple of long shots off your neighbour to add to the fun of the day.

After all the shooting we will return to our local hostelry where you will be treated to a delicious wood fired pizza with drinks and chat over the days fun.

We can also provide individual days, shooting on set dates if you wish to shoot on your own or with a friend and make up a team. A great chance to meet and make new friends.